The master builder

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So this is a recent session that the client has kindly allowed me to share, personal issues have been kept confidential so this is just a part of the whole session.

So quite literally  overnight my client woke up one morning and felt different…had become aware or had a knowing that things weren’t right… he was an avid fisherman,enjoyed hunting and shooting worked hard in the building industry and thoroughly enjoyed spending his hard earned cash on material things. He has given up caffeine ,meat drugs and alcohol and was quite shocked as to how sudden all of this has fallen away. He became interested in alternative news,health and could see through the façade of the current news and media and was questioning more and not accepting what we are being fed. He had a knowing that things weren’t right for the first time and followed his intuition and came for a qhht session.

So for his session his guide came forth and spoke and after getting some clarifications and answers on behalf of my client for various issues and health we went on to cover other questions. He was introduced to his soul group to those whom are with him in this present life and other guides who included a  blue dragon(after the session my client could see him vividly)!!The blue dragon is here to show him how to heal the elements of earth, water, wind and fire…he was told to trust and allow his guides to guide him in his new abilities, to trust the process and have NO LIMITS.

When I asked his guide If he has been on earth before he said that he is a leader and a master creator and has created many planets and here will be a builder of new communities….to which I asked why what will happen?…The 3D will fall away from him as it doesn’t serve him anymore, the same for Earth and many other souls. His guide stated that there is a big change coming very, very soon when a big wave of energy from the central sun will come to Earth( his guide implied March) .His guide stated that I would be able to see it coming too… He went on to explain that this wave will help transmute some of the negative energy on Earth but I also feel that we need to do this individually. This wave in turn will cause tsunamis, volcanoes and flooding here in the UK as Earth herself cleanses from these negative energies…his guide stated that this will happen for approximately 3 years or so…my client will move from the low ground he currently resides on and will move to the mountains.

My client has and still sees various numbers like 222 and 2323 and his guide stated that it is them trying to connect with him. If you are seeing numbers stop and take note of whats going on at that moment and look the numbers up as to their meaning.

My client had explained to me prior that he naturally attracts people and they seem to pour their heart out to him and hes always wondered why…to which his guide explained that he has a natural ability to transmute negative emotions and energy to light. I guess people are naturally drawn to him as everything is energy after all.He was advised to ground and protect his energy field. One of his other questions was how can he help others to which his guide explained that he already does and that he has very strong abilities.

He was advised not to work as hard as he does now and to find balance which he will as the materialistic life style is diminishing for him. He was advised to keep allowing for the change and to drop the 3D reality, to get into yoga(he wasn’t completely happy with this)!to trust and keep connecting to Gaia ,to find silence be out in nature and the importance of using the breath in meditation. There really is lots of help for us all and when I asked how can he inform people of these coming changes his guide said he already is….

There was so much more covered in the session it was lovely for my client to finally know what the reason for him being here is at this time…we are in for some interesting times but we all signed up to be here now, look after one another and Im always reminded that we are warriors xxx.

Open your mind series 3.


Some more information we obtained during   QHHT sessions with a friend (beginning 2017)

So as you’ve seen from other entries earth is a school to learn countless lessons. Earth herself is a duality  like the yin and the yang, the cold and the warm, the masculine and the feminine….I believe the key is balance and equilibrium.Now prior to this third dimensional Earth were living in now Earth existed in the 5th and 6th dimensional reality where countless souls learnt their various unique lessons.It was collectively decided over 10,000 years ago with the fall of Atlantis for the Earth to change into a 3D existence for the souls purpose of making the game tougher and harder.

In order for this game to exist in its 3D format the energies became denser, heavier and more masculine with increased wars ,power and greed, but again  its what we wanted and created collectively for the purpose of the game. So this 3D game has been playing out for a long time now .Now these people or souls that have gained control over this time can be named as the elite amongst other names. They have played the game well trying to gain control almost over every aspect of our lives within the pyramid structure controlling and manipulating our media ,religion, education, governments, financial  systems and so on. One of their main  tactics for control is through fear which again is part of the game they play. There is so much information on any of these subject but obviously wont be found under the media that they control. Once you see through this façade the fear simply doesn’t have the power anymore. After all our natural state is one of love.

And so the call went out from Earth herself for help as she has now had enough of this 3D existence and the elite and wants to shift back into 5D.During this session we were able to connect to Earth as she is a living breathing being just like us….and it was awe inspiring to say the least as she breathed a slow, deep expansive breath….it really makes you want to slow down and be still. She was full of gratitude ,humbled and grateful for humanity ,she stated its ok how she,s been treated ,that she signed up for this growth .She stated that life is thriving  and that we only get shown half of her size, she is much bigger than what is shown and is expanding in size with land coming from under the sea .She stated species are dying but new ones are being created. She stated were not being shown the balance how its always been there with her natural cycles of  warming and expanding .So Earth is currently shifting and with this shift there may be more storms ,earthquakes and  volcanic eruptions.. its a natural process for her as she shifts. The poles have been shifting for quite some time now this is why the arctic is melting and parts of the US are in a mini ice age we were told. We keep getting told during these sessions how”its like watching the best TV show unfold”!!

Now when Earth put a call out for help and many  many  volunteer souls came in to help with this transition by increasing the vibration here….amongst other traits. Those elite that want to maintain control are hanging on and don’t want to let go, but their pyramid or machine is crumbling and it is inevitable that it will collapse, we were told their like bad parents as their not preparing its children(us) for the changes ahead. We were told to be weary of chemicals in the air…at the moment their being used to protect us from radiation but there will come a time they will try and spread viruses. We got told they want to keep us subdued  “dumb them down”… “dumb them down”!!!But the machine is crumbling as were already seeing evidence of this in Hollywood scandals etc…no doubt there’ll be more disclosure.

So do not be alarmed as chaos may be happening around you ,be careful where you get your information from, use your own innate intuitive wisdom. There is SO much help on the other side of the veil for us all now rest assured.


Open your mind .2


Again this is a continuation of the information that I have with a friend during QHHT sessions about all kinds of subjects that are relevant in todays world. If your new to these please start at the introduction of open your mind blogs. This is information that we obtain from my clients higher self or intuition .Some of you are well aware of this information already but I’m going back in time as it were to spring 2016…these blogs are intent to show how we,ve been spoon fed this information that is so relevant to us all.

During my friends earliest session we investigated as to why she had reoccurring neck pain ,which had been investigated by her GP with no answers. During the session she was shown a life as a paraplegic following an accident from a severe fall…she did in fact have a good life during that lifetime which taught her some invaluable lessons .That pain she now has in her neck was in fact explained as being residual from that lifetime-once you know where it originated from it can be eliminated during a session.

There are illnesses that manifest during our current lifetimes associated with our emotions. Interestingly when I studied acupuncture many moons ago this thousand year old medicine could see associations of emotions to our meridians therefore inducing  and manifesting imbalances in our bodies. They also recognized how we are connected to nature, again I will delve into this in another blog.

Our emotions play such an important role in our overall health and very often In my experience is overlooked by western  medicine. Our bodies are quite literal .Very often during sessions I,ve witnessed throat problems for example as not speaking our truth ,or feeling we cant express ourselves fully or back problems may happen because the client may be carrying a heavy emotional load or not feeling emotionally supported .Julia Cannons book “Soul Speak” is an excellent reference to the mind body connection.

Sometimes we choose an illness or disability  with our reincarnation a lesson if you like as I guess theres  nothing like experiencing it, as it has effects not on just the client, but with everyone around them. I have come across clients that have chosen to have an illness for their present reincarnation as a lesson .It is all very individual and we are all at different stages of evolution.

So during a session we can find out the reasons for your health issues and indeed eliminate them if appropriate for your souls growth .I have witnessed clients also heal their inner child which are emotional issues that they have carried around for a long time. I have also noticed how clients  look so different before and after a session its as if a massive weight has been lifted.

I will cover accidents in another session as Dolores always said  there are no accidents…its all planned. Having had a substantial injury myself this year I gained insight into why this happened…its actually quite funny … again Ill cover this again in another blog.


Open your mind .1

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Ok so this is the first lot of session notes that I obtained during a QHHT session with a friend back at the beginning of 2016….I aim to continue with “open your mind” blogs as I feel this information needs to be shared for those that want to read. Ok as established I work in regression be it this life or past. So that means we incarnate learning different lessons each life…lessons are varying ….some people choose to put a lot on their plate as it were….others a bit less…its all in the lesson. I’ve met clients that have never incarnated here before and others thousands of times.

Earth is a school ,one of the hardest  schools in the universe and not for the faint hearted so a big pat on the back of us for being here! I love the description Matt Kahn has of earth…”the ghetto of the universe”!!!What makes earth doubly hard is that we “forget” who we really are…although we all have that ability to remember if we want to. I’ve had clients say during sessions “here we go again”!!! or “I will remember this time” !!and as soon as they land in that life forget…children are in touch more though but forget unless its nurtured…unfortunately kids all to often are told “don’t be silly” for seeing things that adults cannot see …

So it seems that earth is a game .I’ve been totally immersed in the “game” myself and still do sometimes forget. But luckily for me with the help  of QHHT I’ve been able to see it for what it really is and take a step back .We have also been given free will here on earth so in other words can “choose” how we deal and move through our lives….blindly unless we choose to remember!!

More to follow next time…..


Open Your Mind series. Introduction

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These are a series of blogs that I will be submitting when I feel the time is right, if there is a right time?. But take them as you want if they don,t resonate then don,t read, Im not here to convince you or shove the information down your throat!!!I wouldn,t be any better than any of the  large institutions that we,ve all had connections with!!. These are session notes that I regularly have  during QHHT sessions with a friend in which we obtain information about anything and everything. They go back to the beginning of 2016 ,you will need to read them from the first to the last as it shows how I have developed and understood new concepts and information that we,ve been spoon fed  little by little ,I must say now I have a new understanding of things and it is wonderfully liberating. Although by no means do I know everything!!!no Einstein here!  But I do have a new sense of understanding, a new set of eyes as it were!!

A bit about me ,I guess Ive always been curious and have been lucky enough to have the freedom to explore.. countries, cultures, different ways of living, which has undoubtedly  helped me look at things differently. And looking back Ive followed my intuition even though I didn’t realise it at the time. I have gained a lot of experience working with people of all backgrounds with my nursing and have come across just about anything. During my nursing I also went on to study acupuncture ,reiki and energy medicine and found another way of looking at things .Ive got to say that some of these ancient wisdoms have a lot to offer  and certainly have their place.

I never  used to believe  in past lives, even though I had friends that did and said that Id been their sister in previous lives…although I had that inner knowing…It just didnt resonate with me at the time. I  was  then around children more, I love how a child looks at the world ,such innocence and so matter of fact. We can certainly learn a thing or two from  our children and shouldn’t  discredit them. It certainly makes you think when a child between the ages of  2 and  3 says to you, Its your turn to be my mum now cos Ive been your dad before…other children saying …you’ve been in my family before…. even seeing deceased relatives that they may not ever have met. Well it planted seeds……

I then came across Dolores Cannon on you tube….which brings me to where I am today, curiosity  got me again!!..following my own QHHT session I got insight into who I really am, the rest is history as they say!!!

I will be submitting The Open Your Mind blogs as and when ,I don’t really work to a calendar!Xxx


Empathy, a moral compass?

This is another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share . This  gentleman came to see me earlier in the year for some clarity and answers. In his mid twenties with a promising career in art, he was unsure about certain situations in his life one being his brother whom had continually bullied and taunted  him from a very young age to which he just turned the other cheek most of the time although at times he retaliated. Neither parents thought it was  an issue and would get ignored. He stated he had a good network of friends growing up before embarking on a successful career in art especially when he lived in Manchester. His parents are now divorced and his brother lives elsewhere.

After induction he came into a scene in a cave and described himself as a green/blue gecko/ lizard. He described the colours and fauna around him as amazing, seeing colours that he hadn’t seen before so intense that he could stare at them all day! there were  no equivalent names in English to these colours. He described it as a slow non demanding life, stating he only had himself to please but on the same hand how he was aware of others there and how they could sense each other, saying how he felt part of everything and that everything he needed was there ,a content good life. He did meet other lizards but of a different species to him. He describes seeing men with torches one day looking for something, my client then came to the conclusion that he was guarding something important in the cave the heart of the forest. The men never found the cave ,my client felt somewhat relieved but also a kind of loss ,he was worried that something bad would have happened.I then asked what the heart of the forest was? he stated it was a connection from energy to physical. He described himself as a guardian or the keeper of the forest and that everyone had their place to protect the forest. He then moved forward in time and things had changed ,the plants were now different the forest had now become smaller and weaker ,he felt that maybe he should have shown those men the cave. Once passed over life lessons from this life was to be content, to look at things from a positive angle and to believe his gut instinct( that he knows)

He then came into a scene as an old man complaining of chest pain with his wife cooking a remedy in the kitchen. His stated his wife was much younger than him and felt sorry for her as it had been an arranged marriage. He was a leather shoe maker ,again he stated he didn’t need a lot he had everything he needed, was happy despite the sad situation.  He knew he was dying and would be able to leave everything for his wife, he felt sorry for her, stating that her life wasn’t her own. Before crossing over he told her that he loved her and how she is more capable than she thinks. He felt content now and that is okay to give up on his own ambitions for others for her happiness. Once passed over I asked the purpose and lessons were from this life? that the choices he made aren’t just for you that they can incorporate others too and how to do good not just for you. Important to work together and to put what we want aside, to which my client stated how the life as a lizard he saw things differently -he could have done things differently and could have done something to help the people but he wanted to keep the forest the same.

I then spoke to the clients intuition/subconscious .He was shown the lizard life to point him to good, but had acted on his own feelings and now understood the weight of those decisions he had taken. I asked again about the heart of the forest and what it was to which he said where the energy of the forest was embodied in the stones and forest. This time was at a very primitive younger dimension on earth. The old man life was shown to him as he had learnt how his own ambitions can get in the way ,but its ok to act on ambitions but to find balance and to be careful what you want.

I then turned to my clients list of questions one of his questions was if he should be working with one of his friends? to which not yet was said. He wanted to know about his art and how to continue with it ,he is to teach it to help others express themselves with it thus helping them. Another question he had from childhood seeing monkeys in his bedroom?to which he replied that it was another life that had simply warped into this one!(not always a child,s imagination it seems)!My client is left handed and wanted to know the significance of this if any? he stated that left handers simply think differently and are creative by nature( I seem to remember left hand writing banned in history)? I then asked why the difficulties with his brother, why? to which he said its all a part of learning ,my client has almost forgiven him and needs to continue doing so which will have effects all around him. They have both grown and had many lives together and are best mates. His inner  child is healing nicely. We all have the same capacity to forget, forgive situations and actions of people, to set aside our differences and to look at the bigger picture. The more he works on it the more he will be able  see it. He then said that empathy is a moral compass to have the ability to put oneself in other peoples shoes.

One of his next questions was why his father had MND(motor neuron disease) to which he said is from a lack of fulfilment from using less of his time with people. There is time to change it to add to proof of what he already knows ,he needs to be reminded of his own steps, he has had a spiritual way of thinking before and knows whats important but lacks in his own belief . I then asked about a dejavu  he,d had with his friend ,she looks to him for help and guidance(the image was of him helping her fly)!I asked about dejavu, its a way of showing your on the right path for you an opening of possibilities and outcomes. I then asked about the flying,( it will be part of the new earth 5D)plenty of books and articles on this subject if you want to explore further.

I then asked about a persistent pain or pinch that my client gets in his left shoulder ?why? to stop him from getting into bad habits when things get tough to remind him he comes from good. His throat problems are because he needs to be more vocal. Hed had problems with wisdom teeth and asked why this was so, because he was imbalanced if he was more balanced they don’t necessarily need to come out.

It was then said that he is indeed a volunteer .Dolores Cannon speaks widely about these souls that have reincarnated to help earth shift. He is a second wave volunteer the first wavers came in not long after the WW2 and they came in to pave the way for the second wavers whom are here to raise awareness and consciousness and the third wavers are here to live it! During the bodyscan it was said that he had weight on his chest and it comes from feeling worthless which was fixed.Parting message for my client was to be patient, keep focused and to not lose what is in sight . Another beautiful qhht session.#QHHT#3waves of volunteers#Qhhtnorthwales#2017-02-23 20.20.13



Love yourself

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This is another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share. This client came for some life answers and some explanations. She describes herself as having had a difficult mother daughter relationship always felt somewhat unloved growing up. Her self a mother sometimes doubts her own capabilities as a mother and seems to lack in confidence. She has a happy family life works very long hours in a very demanding professional role and she is slightly unsure whether to change professions. She has a medical history of asthma, anaemia and depression.

The first scene she came into was her present life in childhood she was shown various scenes of happy times with family and friends and quite a significant scene as a baby in the pram watching her mum trying to look after her as a baby she could tell that her mum didn’t know how to care for her, but she couldn’t say anything to her! This alone made my client feel better in her own abilities as a mother.

She then came into a scene as a young boy living in a workhouse living with his mum.  Although they were very poor and lived in very difficult circumstances he felt very loved and recognised this mum as the same mum in her current life. This boy was very unwell in this life with respiratory problems he went onto die at a young age and felt a sense of relief once out of the body.The lessons of this life was to feel love again.

In the life in between she felt light and complete love and before coming into the next scene  she described herself as being in a tube and stated in a ironic voice ” here we go again’! She came into this life as a beautiful young lady dressed in a ball gown for her birthday.An important birthday for her as she met her future husband here, she was shown various scenes of this happy life but died during childbirth because of haemorrhage(bleeding at childbirth). The purpose of this life was to show her how beautiful she is ,she described it a nice happy life. My client recognised people in this life that are in her present life.

The next  life she described herself as a nurse during the Crimean war. She recognised one of her colleagues as her deceased friend in this present life. It was  very heart warming for her to recognise and see her again. After the war she went to live in London and manage a group of house maids in a grand house. During this life she met a husband a horse breeder and lived out her life to a ripe old age in a cottage in the countryside.

I then called in the clients subconscious/intuition for some answers on behalf of my client. I asked what was the purpose of showing her all these lives and was told so that needs to know how to be happy. She was shown scenes of this life so as to stop doubting herself and to confirm that she is indeed  a very good mother.Her workhouse life was shown to remind her what love is and that she was loved before. It was also mentioned that her respiratory problems are related to her asthma in her present life and can be left in the past.The life in ball gown was shown to her to reaffirm how beautiful she is and not doubt it, again they stated that this is where her anaemia stems from(post partum hemorrhage)and that can now be left in the past.Her life during the Crimean war was shown to help her grief for her good friend and to show her how important friends are and not take them for granted. She was told that she can connect with her anytime now that she is there for her and not to panic.Her friend is a part of her soul group as well as many of her family members…she later recognised this and confirmed that certain connection that we all get from certain people sometimes. I then asked about her depression and was told that she needs to be happy and to love herself ,to do what makes her happy and have no guilt about it. She was told that she can do more with her life, to change her career  and become a mentor she has so much to do!. She has had many lives and she needs to know this. During the body scan they said she needs to look after her heart ,exercise more. Parting message to love and believe in herself .Another beautiful healing session that I was humbled to  be a part of. #QHHT # Thankyou Dolores Cannon # QHHT North Wales












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Another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share.

This young lady came for a session out of curiosity and her purpose. No immediate relationship problems and a happy stable life and describes herself as healthy  with no health concerns .

She came into a scene as a young teenage girl living with her dad and younger sister.They lived in a rural part of America .Their mum had died in a car crash three years prior. She felt distant from her Dad and stated he was still grieving her mothers death and wouldn’t talk about it.

Once her schooling finished she went onto live in New York ,described it as happy times socializing with her workmates where she worked as a receptionist for a interior design company.She soon met a boyfriend and moved in with him into a small apartment in NY. Their life together was described as happy ….they soon became pregnant her boyfriend worrying about finances and the small apartment but nonetheless happy. She haemorrhaged(bled) heavily during the pregnancy and had a near death experience and went into a coma for a few weeks. She described the NDE as floating into the light ,calm and beautiful. They did end up having a beautiful healthy baby boy  and she went home to her dad and his now new partner to recuperate and rest. Her relationship with her boyfriend became difficult and distant as time went on.

As she became stronger she helped out in her dads store selling vegetables from the plot and life carried on .Her boy grew into a healthy young man and moved in with his dad eventually in NY. Her dad became old and eventually died she then went onto look after her dads partner and caught up with her sister living a good life in Maui on the beach!.

She died one Christmas day with her family there as an old lady and stated that she felt big and light. I find again and again that the death scene is always peaceful, serene not painful and sometimes a relief! Her life purpose for this life she was shown was to show her that its ok to be alone, that everything works out in the end and that death is a part of life. She described herself as floating and felt like she was everything and stated I’m the universe….so big .I have heard this many times that feeling of oneness a truly beautiful experience.

I then  asked to speak to my clients intuition/SC and we were told that everything is ok in the end,that she doesn’t need to worry ,there are always going to be struggles .We were told that she was shown that feeling of oneness to keep reminding her. She will work with children but can also look into other options. She was told who her guide is and that he;s always got her back!. We were told that she experiences throat problems and its simply because she; s not speaking up or speaking her truth and how important it is to be who you are to stop being a people pleaser that everyone has their own life path. We were also told that her reoccurring nightmares  are literally of her and that she needs to stop running away from herself. Parting message  for my client to keep meditating…another message I hear again and again.

Another truly inspiring session #QHHT#oneness#meditate!!